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Style Sign Just Smooth - Sleek Perfection 100ml

Style Sign Just Smooth - Sleek Perfection 100ml

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Delivers amazing smoothness in normal to coarse hair - for smooth to super-straight styles.

Thermal Spray Serum

Provides heat protection for up to 200° C and makes hair resistant to breakage when using hot tools. Offers humidity protection for up to 24 hours for long-lasting silky straight hair.


Hold Factor


Hair Length
Short, Medium, Long

Hair Structure
Fine, Normal, Coarse

Hair Type
Wavy, Curly

How to Use
Spray onto dry hair.



FlexPROtec complex provides color & heat protection and contains UV-filters

Key Ingredients

 - Product-specific styling polymers for quick & easy styling

- Bamboo proteins help to keep the style natural & flexible

- Unique elastomer paired with UV filter protects the hair from premature color fade, damaging effects of heat styling and UV light


Floral & honey - with sweet orange, ylang-ylang and hyacinth notes.

Ideal For

Highly efficient Thermal Spray Serum, making hair resistant to breakage when using hot tools whilst offering humidity protection. Hair is left super sleek and silky smooth, full of floral scent.

Stylist Tips
Use in dry hair for a glossy finish.

Spray, 100ml

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